About Us


Our Story

The two college students want to find a place to study, fun drink environments, meet other college students for group study and that’s how “Paradise Smoothie” got started.

Paradise Smoothie established in Baton Rouge, LA 2001. Isn’t just a drink, it’s an attitude and a lifestyle. A delicious taste that will keep you wanting for more. “Drink Fresh, Drink Fun & Drink Healthy” that is our mission. With over 15 years of experience, we are continues to bring freshness quality drink in the smoothies and bubble tea business. We strike to bring the fun to our drink menu, we keep a high standard products goal, setting the bar for our customer satisfaction.

It is our mission to introduce the Paradise Smoothie brand to consumers all around the world, as well as creating a more refined smoothies and bubble tea culture. With this purpose, we are looking for business partners who might be interested in joining us. With your help, we hope to expand our market even further.